Friday, March 18, 2011

Miss me much?

Hello my loyal readers --

Yes, I know it's been nearly two months since I've blogged. The fact is, there's just not so much interesting stuff to talk about. I started this blog as a place to vent about the trials and tribulations of dating, mainly. Then I found an amazing guy, and things are great. Sure, we aren't *perfect* -- but we are incredibly happy. I love him, my friends love him, my family loves him, and he loves all of us! Yes, even my cats love him (my picky cat, Tasha, often chooses his lap over mine, and it makes me completely crazy jealous). My friends' baby is truly *in love* with him -- she will just stare at his face -- and he has bonded with one of my best friends so much that they both fell asleep on the couch together one night while the other best friend (wife) and I stayed up talking. It was way too cute. So S has really become a part of my life and I just can't imagine him not being there.

A year ago, when I broke up with J6, I could never have imagined myself reaching this point so quickly. Yes, eventually, but not already. So that's just amazing to me. And yeah, things are progressing along the right steps. We talk about getting married, all the time, and in a way that is very real. As in, how would our finances work, and where do we want to live (not where as in what city, where as in which apartment building) -- and then when would we consider leaving the city. When would we want kids (soon). That kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, I have been super busy. Work is crazy -- my research is going nowhere (because I have zero mentorship), my masters program is sucky (finals next week), and this other project I'm working on (helping the transformation to an inpatient electronic medical record) is sucking away at my life but pays well. I left for two weeks in the midst of it all to go to Israel with my Mom and Sister on an Interfaith Women's trip which was fabulous.

So now I come to you -- my 5 followers, and who knows how many other random readers. What should I be blogging about? I'd like to post more often, but I don't know about what. Do you want to hear about my daily (boring) life with S? About my life as a pediatrician? About the food I eat and my attempts to eat healthier/lose weight (an eternal fight)? The TV and movies and theater I watch? Let me know, and I'll decide in which direction this blog should be headed.

Happy spring weekend!


  1. I like the posts about S, and I would love pediatrician stories, too. And I'm thrilled to hear that so much is going well!

  2. I like to hear about you and S and your jobs it is so interesting!!!

  3. I agree with the above, just blog about you and everything that goes along with it! S, your job, food stuff...everything! We will follow :-)